The Maya Backpack

We at Love Squad are diverse– creators, movers, makers, shakers, believers— all on the go. Our diverse community ranges from those in 9-5 jobs to the ones part of the slash generation that wear multiple hats to mothers. Regardless, we all live full lives going from point A to point B to point C.

We are the women who can dress down, but make dressing up look good. The way we carry ourselves through life makes all the difference in our confidence and attitude and what we are set out to accomplish– Love Squad bosses up and we need the accessories that can keep up with our lifestyle, something that can hang with us from are sweatiest to chicest moments.

Haerfest (pronounced “harvest”) is a leather accessories company based in New York City with a mission to equip and inspire visionary professionals in motion (that’s us!) We got to experience the entire collection last week at Upton where Haerfest had a pop-up to launch their latest leather goods. Beautifully displayed bags for men and women, giving us that extra somethin’ somethin’ that can carry our squad in a way that we always should. No more referring to yourself as the  “bag lady.”  With Haerfest, you can focus less on what you carry, but how you carry yourself. We like that. With a wide variety of sizes and styles we found one that suits us just nice!



The Maya backpack is a Love Squad favorite– We travel uptown back to downtown, typically with a tote, backpack, and purse in hand, but with the Maya backpack you won’t need much else. It fits a laptop, planner, and my makeup bag, with a nice easy to access coin purse that holds my train card and loose change. This bag looks good in the city or in the ‘burbs, a great traveling buddy you can take as your carry-on for your next adventure.

Style isn’t everything (although we like to look good), comfort is key (because we want to feel good) and style and comfort is what this bag has. The leather is smooth, the design is smooth, that will make you feel even smoother! We recommend this bag, but of course there’s something for everyone from Haerfest for all of our unique and individual tastes.

We’re excited about partnering with this brand that’s taking the scene to share with our squad. Be sure to follow along and see how we stroll around with our Maya backpack.

Words + Photos Contributed by:
Faye Farrales