What if we told you there’s a way to be sustainably fashionable? Where these everyday products won’t contribute to landfill and you can look chic AF on the daily.  Love Squad LOVES design and aesthetically pleasing brands so when we learned about Rewilder Goods, a brand where eco-friendly meets design, we knew this was something we could resonate with.

Rewilder Goods, founded by Lisa and Jenny in 2014, both with a background in design through fashion and architecture, left their jobs where they first realized how much waste their workplaces produced. Since then, Lisa and Jenny have worked together to create #BetterBags, with a mission to make “Zero Waste Originals” leaving their mark in the fashion industry with their  micro-footprint that breaks from the norm in the fashion world.

Upcycling is a new term we want to bring to everyone’s attention, raising awareness that there are tons of materials out there that cannot be recycled. What happens to all of that material then? It gets buried into a waste site, creating landfill. You can only imagine how much waste sits at these sites and what continually is added to it daily. The automobile industry alone trashes 100,000 tons (that’s the weight of 250 airplanes!) of non-recyclable material each year. Mind blowing facts.


That’s where Rewilder comes in with upcycling this said, “waste.” It’s time to get creative people, bring it all down to zero waste and that’s exactly what Lisa and Jenny are doing with tons of thousands of unsalvageable material to make sustainable fashion by creating the best bags for the planet.

Unlike the rest of the fashion world who is thirsty for new this and more of that, Rewilder is creating by using materials such as poly airbags, nylon seatbelts, filter cloth from beer making, and climbing ropes. All material discarded and unable to be reused by their industry. So rather than making fashion that turns into trash, Rewilder works towards a mission of zero waste, using these high performance materials and redesigning them into something that looks good on you and is good for the planet. A new standard of better bags.


Love Squad is here to connect the community with brands we believe in and Rewilder has really set the bar opening up our eyes to fashion that is economically sustainable, that unconventional material can be repurposed into something that fits our style! That all fashion does not need to be “new.” We hope that this sparks some inspiration in how you see things on our planet and that problem solving can be done with some creativity!



Written by: Faye Farrales