Meet Megan Roup
Founder of The Sculpt Society


If you don’t know already, and haven’t signed up (you better get on that here) don’t wait (before it’s too late!) Yes. We’ll be teaming up with the founder of The Sculpt Society’s, Megan Roup, for an evening of sweat and conversation. Megan has combined two of her passions, dance and fitness, and has created a signature dance-cardio based workout we’ll all be lucky to experience at our next Love Squad Series on Thursday, March 29th!

LS: We are so excited to have you as our instructor next week! Can you tell us a little bit about The Sculpt Society?

MR: The Sculpt Society was designed for women on-the-go. I wanted to deliver a class that gave clients everything they needed from cardio to light weight sculpting to build a strong, long, lean body in under an hour. My main focus was to create an atmosphere and community that was warm, welcoming and fun, while giving clients a killer upbeat workout.

LS: We’re women on-the-go! Sounds perfect. How would you describe your class?

MR: TSS is an athletic approach to dance-based fitness. I combine follow along dance cardio (no choreography or dance experience required) mixed with light weight sculpting. This class is full of positive vibes, upbeat high energy and delivers kick a** results.

LS: Amazing! We love the sound of all of this. As a dancer, what types of workouts/fitness regimen were you doing before you combined the two?

MR: In college, I was a floater. I always had a gym membership, but primarily stuck to cardio machines like the elliptical and treadmill. My body didn’t change until I really implemented light weight sculpting into my regimen.

LS:  And what does a rest day look like for you?

MR: I am terrible at rest days, but they are so important. Your body needs time to recover. I like to get weekly massages, sit in an infrared sauna, meditate or simply rest.

LS: So… to the more serious topic at hand, what is your favorite healthy snack?

MR: I LOVE Ezekiel toast with avocado. I eat it everyday!

LS: YUM… and like so many of us who have one, what is your guilty pleasure?

MR: Mexican food. Beans, cheese, quesadillas, but mostly of tortilla chips!

LS: All right and if you could give some advice to the individual who wants to start moving, talks about it a lot, but has yet to start their fitness journey?

MR: My advice is to find an activity you really enjoy. If you don’t enjoy the workout, you’re less likely to stick to it. Sometimes group fitness classes can intimidate newbies. I just started working with a new online fitness platform called, obé, where you can live stream workouts wherever your phone takes. You can work-out in the confidence of your own home and build strength and confidence. and use my code SCULPTWITHMEGAN for a free month trial.

Don’t miss a chance to workout with US and Megan! She will also be part of our panel following the sweat sess. This is where we’ll be discussing Beauty, Social Media’s Pressures of Perfection, and Self-Confidence #BeautyLikeYou — See you there!