Written by: Pari Aryafar

The modern world is busier than ever and we are often expected to answer every email, text, and Facebook message within moments of receiving it. You used to be able to leave work at work when you departed for the day, but this is no longer the case—everyone from waitresses to office managers to even skin therapists are constantly on call, bombarded with questions, requests, and updates. When your job isn’t the one reaching out, you might be navigating through your parents, friends, that guy from high school who keeps sending you messages and liking your picture… you get the point. It’s a crazy energetic world happening right out of your phone, and that can definitely take a toll on your mental health and emotional well being.

If you’re looking to recharge YOURSELF, here are some tips to help bring you back to 100%:

1. Make boundaries with cell phone time. For example, you won’t answer before 7 am or after 10 pm. When it’s time to sleep, put the phone on “Do Not Disturb”. If you’re worried about emergencies, whether it’s from your family or your boss, here’s a way to get around the function.

2. So many of us work indoors and miss a lot of the sunshine (heck, even the rainy days can be nice). Try to take a trek out of your office at least once a day and go for a brisk walk. Even if it means having to volunteer to be the one to carry all the Starbucks back, fresh air will always do you good.

3. Mental health days are SO important. Sometimes you have so much going on and if you don’t give yourself a break in between, it gets harder to stay focused and happy. You may not always be able to call in sick, but set aside a Saturday or Sunday if you can, and TREAT YO’SELF! If it means staying in bed and watching Netflix or going out for dinner, do what makes you feel good.


4. It’s okay to say no—really. You might be taking on a lot so that you can get that big promotion, raise, transfer, whatever it is that you’re looking for, but oftentimes we take on more than we can chew to please others. It’s amazing when you can do it all, but you deserve to take care of yourself too. If there’s a project that’s overwhelming you, look for support. If you keep getting assigned tasks without room to finish the previous one, talk to your boss and see if someone else can take it on. It’s not about passing the buck; it’s about being efficient with your mental energy and not drowning in work—you won’t get anything done anyway if you’re overwhelmed. More importantly, know that you DON’T have to do it all; you just have to do your best, which you already are!

5. Finally, it may sound simple, but it’s usually the first things to go once you become entangled in work—do the basic things to take care of yourself. Make sure to get adequate sleep, between 6-8hours (not a 2 hour nap between projects). Eat foods that make you feel good, strong, and healthy (not a leftover bagel from the board meeting). Do an activity or exercise that you enjoy (sprinting between meetings doesn’t count). Get that haircut, go see the doctor, plan your vacation. Too many times we put ourselves last to put our company first, but the more we burn ourselves out, the less productive and efficient the entire team becomes. You need to take care of YOU first before you take care of everything else.

Think of yourself as a fine-tuned machine. The machine needs to be taken care of properly for it to work well, right? Don’t feel guilty or doubt yourself when you need to do the things that keep you running. Being the best version of you will only help you be the best at work!