Get ready! Our next Love Squad Studio Social with intenSati will take place on Tuesday, September 12th at 6:30pm. Registration is now open on our Events tab, so secure your spot before it fills up!

Before we Squad up on Tuesday, we’d like to introduce you to intenSati! Prime your body, mind and heart this sweat-dripping, heart-pumping, mood-lifting cardio class (think dance meets kickboxing meets yoga) that infuses powerful, positive spoken affirmations to take your transformation from purely physical to totally holistic. Sounds amazing, right?!

intenSati is a transformational workout that will motivate you to “live a life you love in a body you love!” intenSati combines interval training, martial arts, dance and yoga with powerful affirmations – training your body, mind and spirit through an invigorating practice.

How it works:


Increase cardiovascular endurance, burn up to 800 calories per class, remove toxins and develop coordination, stamina and balance.


Greater ability to focus, heightened awareness of negative thought patterns, and an increased ability to cultivate a positive mental attitude.


Life changing transformation, greater understanding of universal laws and principles, heightened awareness of love, peace, gratitude, joy and faith.

intenSati and Sati Life were developed by fitness guru Patricia Moreno – read Well and Good’s feature on the workout and lifestyle here. Sati means mindfulness, a state of awareness without judgment. When you are living a Sati Life, you  are aware that you have the power to CHOOSE to live a life that you love. You are intentionally developing the courage, awareness and self-discipline to make choices that benefit yourself and the world.

Sati Life was developed for anyone and everyone looking to become more aware of their thoughts, words, attitudes and actions. Initially, the focus was centered around “intenSati”, a workout that was created to bring mindfulness to a cardio-based fitness class. Since the first intenSati class in 2005, Sati Life has grown to include several other workouts,  trainings and a world-wide  community of people committed to amplifying peace, love, gratitude and faith.

We can’t wait to see you there! Don’t forget to sign up!

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