As we all know, careers can be difficult, especially when you’re trying to create one. Each day, we set out to conquer things because it gives us life, it is what gets us up in the morning. No career path is prefect.  We try our best to rise from every defeat until we eventually identify how hardships have made us who we are. I’m Faye, a member of the Love Squad. I’m sharing a story about a woman and her new career, who have inspired me: Will Lane Founder, Emily Soong.

Will Lane is an athletic wear brand for women by a woman who has faced adversity in her past, like many of us. Soong worked in finance and education for a number of years, but found her heart was not in it. After a bout of life-changing circumstances, she caught the entrepreneur bug. She become invested in utilizing her time for something she could pour her heart into, something she could love.

Soong’s research led her to fashion, specially athletic wear. While having no real fashion background outside of putting together her personal wardrobe, she was steadfast in empowering through some type of creative outlet.

Still, Soong wanted a fusion for something larger than an athletic wear brand. Through Will Lane, Soong wanted a platform for women to share their truths. “Will Lane is committed to empowering every woman’s strengths and willpower. Being in WILL LANE means fighting for every ounce of courage, perseverance, truth, and strength… even in the face of adversity.

She stepped out, knowing that it would be a long road ahead, she created her first collection. The design intent, feel, and inspiration symbolizes WILL power. Will Lane combines high performance athletic wear with a minimalist edgy style. Her color theory is monochromatic color palette that she balanced with colors of openness– from black, to grey middle tones, to white. She wanted to acknowledge the yin and yang in her clothing that is complimentary to that of a woman’s lifestyle.


Will Lane is designed to be a true visible representation of our inner selves. A way to express our inner strengths; Soong designed with with these core concepts in mind: strength, empowerment, authenticity, and perseverance.  Soong through Will Lane hopes to share their core values in each collection, “That is, each collection is built upon a characteristic or quality that we believe is inherent to every woman on the inside. We believe that the fight for transformation and growth — physical, mental, and emotional — is the ultimate style worth wearing.”


After experiencing the collection, we have to say we Love It! One of our favorite thing about Will Lane is that it’s designed and constructed for comfortable performance.


As an athlete and comfort in clothing is key to crushing a work out, wouldn’t you agree? When I tried it on I found that the stretch in each of the pieces moves with me and not against me, giving my body the breathability, support, and control my body needs during my sweat sessions, which if you know anything about me, comfort is essential to me.


Will Lane is new to the scene, introduced just this year 2017,  “Grit, determination, and willpower are more than just the ingredients for athleticism — they’re the things we are made of.” -Soong


Follow Emily Soong and @will_lane_athletics as she tries to connect with all of you female change makers. She acknowledges all of the women out there doing their thing, learning and growing every day. Being introduced to Will Lane’s mission and athletic wear inspires my career approach. Every little bit that we do, we need to put love and intention into, “it’s a state of mind, point of view, an inner mantra” #WearYourWill


Written by:
Faye Farrales
Love Squad