Last Wednesday, we hosted our Love Squad Social at Pure Barre in Tribeca. Our founder, Ally Love, welcomed the Love Squad before 7 A.M. – Yes girls, we were up at the crack of dawn. After a brief introduction of our team, our instructor, Caitlin Riley, they lead us through an incredible workout in the world of Pure Barre.

Small movements are said to lead to BIG results

We learned that Pure Barre is a total body workout that not only lifts your seat and tones your thighs, abs and arms, but helps to burn fat! Your heart rate goes up and down depending on how hard you work out. During class, we performed small, isometric movements that targeted and toned certain areas of the body.

These small movements are said to lead to BIG results. One of the funniest things that happened was at certain points during the workout our muscles were shaking like crazy. We mean uncontrollable shaking… but as we learned that morning,”shaking means your body is CHANGING!”

By 8 A.M., we finished our workout for the day.

The right about of intensity we needed

At Love Squad, we stand behind our mission to encourage each person to live each day better than the last. During our very intimate class at Pure Barre, we were able to empower each other..through scream “you can do it”, and help each other get out of our comfort zones. The Pure Barre class was the right about of intensity we needed to push our limits so early in the morning.

To the rock stars who filled that studio to capacity, want want to say THANK YOU and we were beyond proud to be bound together with each one of you by our passion for sweat.

Stay tuned for our next Love Squad Speaker Series

Stay tuned for our next Love Squad Speaker series (coming up in June) and if you’d like to try a Pure Barre Class:

Check out their schedule in Tribeca for your first Pure Barre experience.