Hi LoveSquad,

This is Ana AKA @anagoesfit – my fitness journey didn’t start too long ago. I have always been what some might consider a “skinny” girl, but I was never conscious of my health. I use to get caught up on doing whatever it took to keep my hipbones showing- and I was proud of it!

Back in high school I used to train 2-3 hours everyday as a cheerleader, I loved it mostly because it was fun and didn’t have to think about it putting together a workout. Once in college, I joined our campus gym and got a personal trainer, he was the bomb! He helped train me everyday for over two years. The downfall was that my eating habits were awful; I used to eat less then 1000 calories. I had zero energy and wasn’t seeing results.


I moved to Spain not long after and my habits completely changed. I gained about 20 lbs in a few months and lost all my strength. I struggled with my weight, body image and confidence. Although I wasn’t technically overweight by my BMI chart, my mental and fitness health was pretty bad.

Like many girls, I stumble upon Kayla Itsines Bikini Body Guide on Instagram. I followed her for quite some time before decided to jump in and purchase her guides.My first attempt didn’t last more than five weeks. I told myself I couldn’t do it and gave up. With my first round left unfinished, I begin to follow a few girls on Instagram that were also doing BBG. They gave me motivation to, not only to restart the program but create an Instagram to hold myself accountable. I also joined the Facebook group; where thousands of girls with the same mission encourage and support each other to finish the 12-week program.


Those first 12 weeks weren’t easy. The hardest part for me weren’t the workouts (well, they were pretty hard!) but it was building new habits! Getting yourself moving when you are not used to can be tough! And having access to the guide’s meal plan was essential. It equipped me with basic instruction on what foods to eat/cook. This really helped me to find true health. I post many of my favorite nutritious snacks on my IG account. And maintain a balance between eating properly and workout out, all the while of having social support from the community I’ve become a part of.

The beauty of BBG

  • I could workout wherever I wanted! From home, the gym or while traveling. I had no excuses.
  • The community! I had met beautiful souls through BBG. We meet up once a month, at least! to workout and share health and wellness tips.
  • The guide itself. I have learned so much through it and I keep learning with it.
  • At the moment I use BBG as complement of my own workout guides (soon to be out in the market!). I have found a love and passion and fitness thanks to BBG.



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